Group Wellness Programs

Small Group Reformer


Our small group Reformer/Equipment classes are limited to 4 students to provide a safe and customized experience. Through the use of spring resistance the Pilates Reformer works the body to it's fullest potential. Reformer workouts emphasize core strength by targeting the deep muscles that stabilize and support the spine.  The unique design of the Pilates Reformer maximizes elongation of the spine, while stretching and toning the whole body.

Pilates Matwork


Pilates Mat class teaches the principles of functional anatomy that strengthen the body’s core, improve balance, and increase coordination and movement efficiency. Participants can expect to have a full conditioning experience that leads to evenly balanced musculature, increased range of motion and enhanced physical performance. We offer classes for all levels, providing individualized attention in a positive and focused atmosphere for work.

Bodhi: Pilates Suspended


Bodhi Suspension System takes Pilates off the mat and into gravity. Unlike any other rope suspension system, Bodhi has two independent ropes and four suspension points.  Four suspension points gives you a lot more variety – with varying degrees of difficulty.
Not only will Bodhi challenge your core strength, it also provides balance and flexibility training like no other system. 

Your can suspend your entire body! 

Vinyasa Yoga


Our Vinyasa Yoga class is an accessible practice which includes breathing techniques, powerful movement flows and mindful moments. The focus is to provide a movement experience that will contribute to a healthy, joyful and more connected life – on and off the yoga mat.

Balanced Body Barre


Balanced Body Barre combines elements of ballet technique and Pilates movement principles to provide an energizing workout that strengthens, stretches, and tones the whole body.  Class is set to music and participants can plan to work up a sweat, targeting the muscles of the core, legs, and arms.  Dance experience is not necessary!

Belly Dance


Pamela Luedtke, brings her warmth and knowledge to this movement class. Belly Dance is open to all, no previous dance experience is necessary. Class will start with a gentle warm up and progress to a movement sequence. Students will learn the basics of tribal belly dance, and movement sequences will progress as students are ready.

Class Pricing

Semi-Private Equipment Classes (4 max): $20.00 drop-in, $175 - 10 classes.  

Mat/Barre: $15.00 drop-in, $125 - 10 classes.

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Private Training


Private and Duet Training Sessions

Private Pilates training is designed to address your personal needs and goals,  while helping you to enjoy greater freedom in your movements.  Emphasis is placed on proper alignment, balancing your strength and flexibility, and creating deeper core integration, specific to your lifestyle. Having increased core strength, private training clients have been known to experience fewer injuries with an increased range of motion. Pilates Sessions utilize the Pilates Reformer, Cadillac and small apparatus designed by Joseph Pilates.  Pilates training is appropriate for general fitness, to help enhance physical performance, and as a post-rehab form of exercise. 

Private Training Pricing: 

Single Private Training Session:  $60

Five Sessions:  $260

Ten Sessions:  $475  

Private Training - Duet (2 students/1 teacher) Pricing: 

Single Semi-Private Session:  $35 

Five Sessions:  $150/per person

Ten Sessions:  $275/per person 

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"Amy Beversdorf created a positive environment that faciliated lots of growth. As a dancer, I have already noticed in my own personal training a new depth of sensitivity and understanding of my body within and outside of Pilates classes. Additionally, I have a new excitement about the human body and its potential."

~Teacher Training Student

Pamela demonstrates 'Breaststroke' during a Private Session!