Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training

About the Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training Program


Partnering with internationally recognized leader in the Pilates industry we offer the Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training curriculum and the Anatomy in Three Dimensions workshop right here in Central Wisconsin.


Our program offers one of the most well-known and innovative Pilates Teacher Training curriculum worldwide, providing learning opportunities that are stimulating, personal and rooted in the art and science of movement. The Balanced Body curriculum emphasizes the principles underlying each exercise, providing a deep understanding of Pilates and it benefits, and giving our students the tools required to begin a successful career as Pilates professionals.

Studio B Pilates and the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point are Balanced Body Authorized Training Centers for Balanced Body Inc.  The 500-hour curriculum is offered in a module format, and can be completed in a time frame that meets your needs. We also offered education for movement professionals in Anatomy and Barre.   Students have the opportunity to gain practical teaching experience through community partnerships. These practical teaching experiences are recorded as Practical Teaching Hours and count toward completion of the program.  

In addition, our program follows the guidelines of Pilates Method Alliance, the national credentialing organization for Certified Pilates Teachers in the United States. Upon completion of the Balanced Body Comprehensive Pilates Teacher training program, students are eligible to sit for the Pilates Method Alliance test to earn the Certified Pilates Teacher (CPT) credential. 

Available Programs


Prerequisites:  Pilates is a practice that must embodied in order to teach well.  We recommend dedicated participation in Pilates classes (private or group) prior to making the decision to become a teacher.   Prerequisite classes may be taken at any location provided they are with a certified instructor.  

Pilates Mat Instructor: 

Required Courses:  Movement Principles, Mat I Module and Mat II Module, Anatomy in 3D is strongly suggested.

Pilates Reformer Instructor: 

Required Courses:  Movement Principles, Mat I Module, Mat II Module, Reformer I Module,  Reformer II Module, Reformer III Module and Anatomy in 3D. 

**Certified Pilates Teacher Training:

Required Courses: Movement Principles, Mat I Module, Mat II Module, Reformer I Module, Reformer II Module, Reformer III Module, Trapeze Table Module, Chair Module, Barrels Module and Anatomy in 3D.​

**Upon completion students are eligible to sit for the nationally recognized Pilates Certification exam.  Please visit  Pilates Method Alliance for more information about the PMA-CPT accreditation.

Upcoming Courses


Courses taken towards certification are offered once yearly.  They can be completed in a timeline that fits your personal the needs.  Please email us for more information on the upcoming schedule. 

Winter/Spring 2019

Reformer III Training

January 12-13, 2019

Movement Principles (entry level course)

February 16-17, 2019

Mat I Training

March 16-17, 2019

Mat II Training

April 13-14, 2019

Courses are set up with an Early Bird pricing option.  Registration will be available first week in January.

Pilates Teacher Training Program Catalog

Studio B Pilates is recognized as a School for Pilates Education by the Wisconsin Educational Approval Program.  Please see our Program Catalog for detailed information including cost and requirements of our program.

Studio B Pilates Teacher Training Catalog (pdf)



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Traveling to Stevens Point

We recommend Claflin House as a walking distance option for your stay. This rental is safe, beautifully maintained, includes a full kitchen and plenty of space for study and class preparation. Sharing the house with your classmates is a viable and cost-effective option. Please email us to be put in touch with others who are coming for the same weekend. 

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