Continuing Education Course for Training Scoliosis

Mindful Alignment: A Conscious Approach to Scoliosis

Course Description and Objectives 

Course Description: This 2 day, Pilates and Physical Therapy continuing education course is designed to build a bridge between physical therapy scoliosis specific exercises (PSSE) and Pilates. This course teaches Pilates in a way that addresses the importance of the 3-D aspect of scoliosis, and provides a whole body moving experience. The Exercise Guidelines have been created to avoid putting someone at risk for progression or injury. Exercises include beginning to advanced core strengthening to prepare individuals who are transitioning from physical therapy to a Pilates program. 

Upon completion of the program participants will be able to:

* List the 4 guidelines for scoliosis exercises, based on Cobb angle and pathologies. 

* Perform a screening for scoliosis. 

* Demonstrate the ability to perform the Adams test using a Scoliometer. 

* Define the exercise movement precautions related to scoliosis as defined by the Schroth method. 

* Demonstrate teaching methods for the Movement Preparation Exercises. 

* Demonstrate through verbal response, an understanding of traditional Pilates mat work, modified for scoliosis.

Continuing Education Info


HOURS: 13  (PMA credits) 

DATES: 2019 dates TBA




Patti Orthwein, PT, 

Beth Janssen, PT 

Amy Beversdorf, MFA, GLCMA,

PMA-Certified Pilates Teacher

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