Our History

Studio B Pilates


Where we started and where we are today! 

Studio B Pilates: Mindful Movement


Our Space

Studio B Pilates offers mindful movement classes and private training; we also offer Balanced Body Pilates Teacher Training. Founded in 2004, we are located in downtown Stevens Point and adjacent to the Wisconsin River. Our studio provides a calm, clean and focused environment to learn the benefits of Pilates. 


Your Goals = Our Goals

We strive to improve movement, increase function, and balance out tightness while increasing flexibility and core strength. ​ With proper bio-mechanics and a balanced body you are less likely to get injured or experience burn-out, and more likely to enjoy moving your body! ​​


Leaders in Movement

Studio B offers a comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training program through Balanced Body Inc.  We believe teachers should never stop learning. All of us at Studio B Pilates are on our own path to become more balanced and functionally high-achieving movers.  We have been through the up and downs of reconnecting after life's set-backs and have experienced the gains that come from a focused movement practice.   Movement is our passion and we are excited to help you achieve your movement-related goals.