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Virtual Studio

Now more than ever, movement plays a vital role in maintaining a healthy body and mind.   In this time of 'safer at home' our goal is to provide meaningful and varied movement experiences virtually.  

  • Interactive Classes - Live Daily
  • Private and Semi-Private Sessions
  • On-Demand Classes  - Updated Weekly

Virtual Offerings

On-Demand Classes

Virtual Private Sessions

Live Virtual Classes


To receive the on-demand video simply sign-up for a Virtual Class in the weekly schedule.  Within 24 hours  of class completion an on-demand link will be emailed to you for use on your own time.   Each link will be available for 14 days from the day it was sent. 

Live Virtual Classes

Virtual Private Sessions

Live Virtual Classes


We have created an Online Studio program that provides a variety of experiences with a focus on core conditioning and functional training for improved movement quality. We strive to keep you strong and flexible - inside and out!  Each class you sign-up for, can be participated in live via Zoom or at another time using the on-demand video link.

Virtual Private Sessions

Virtual Private Sessions

Virtual Private Sessions


 Working one on one is a great fit  for those who want a more specific training program,  as well as for those working through an injury where further neuromuscular re-education is required.  Utilizing small props, we will create a customized movement session to help you maintain fitness, posture and healthy movement patterns from the comfort of your own home.  

At-Home Movement Tips: Review the fundamentals

At Home Movement Tip:  Arm Circle

Arm Circle (also called Pinwheel) is commonly used in classes at Studio B.  Arm Circle on focuses on scapular mobilization and coordination of the head/neck/spine with rotational movements.  This exercise teaches the essentials for patterning many movements in Pilates and life! 

At-Home Movement Tip: Bridging

Bridging is a staple in our Pre-Pilates warm-up as it sets up our ability to extend our hips and create activation from heel to tail for effective weight shifting and locomotion.  

At-Home Movement Tip: Footwork

This Footwork might seem complicated at first sight but it is a favorite at Studio B Pilates. This video will teach you how to do it properly at home. Please note: this exercise was originally taught to me by Patrick Strong who was my first Pilates teacher  at University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. Several of us who were students of Patrick Strong are now Pilates studio owners and Pilates teacher trainers. 

PROPS and EquipmenT


Get the equipment you need for virtual sessions.

From small props and apparatus to home-use Reformers; Balanced Body makes the highest quality equipment available.  We recommend the  following pieces for virtual sessions.

Starter Props

Though not required, these are our favorite items for adding challenge, assistance, and variation to your sessions:   a mat, small weights, a foam roller, a magic circle, a  resistance band, a 1" or 2" cushion (to add support for the low back)  and a small ball (6-8").    

I am ready for more...

For the committed at-home mover, we also recommend a Pilates Arc, or a home-use Reformer. 

Using Zoom for group Classes

Using the Zoom platform is very easy:

1. From your computer go to and create an account;  or download the Zoom app for your iPhone, iPad or Android device.  

2. Find one of the online classes on our Schedule and sign-up.  

3.   Prior to class please go to our schedule and click on the class name you plan to attend.  Here you can find the link you will need to join our 'meeting'.  Simply copy and paste it into your search bar and you will be directed to our group class which Zoom refers to as a 'meeting'.  

4.  Find a space at home where you can set up your mat and still see the screen.  We recommend placing your mat slightly diagonal to the screen.  Make sure you have enough around you. Watch out for end tables and ceiling fans!  

5.  Please be sure to 'join the meeting' at least 5 minutes prior to class.